Who is JCat?


Jan & Cathy own and run JCat Films LLC, and yes, we are married. ☺  I’m sure you‘ve already figured out why our wedding film company is named JCat Films… Jan and Cathy. We have lived in the Coulee Region of La Crosse, WI for quite some time filming at many locations around our area; La Crosse, Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Kenosha, Racine and Lake Geneva as well as other towns near these locations.  In Minnesota we have filmed in Winona, Rochester and many other Minnesota areas near these cities. I should mention that we travel to further destinations as well. We will fly or take a road trip to film a wedding! Sounds like fun to us! Tell us what you’re looking for in your wedding and we will listen. Whether you are planning a fun, unique or a homespun wedding day, we can tell your wedding story on film. Filming is our passion other than playing music and singing. Yep, we are both longtime musicians and singers who have traveled all over the USA performing. After years of performing, we decided to settle in the La Crosse, WI area. Continuing on with the arts was the right path to stay with. Telling wedding stories through film is a natural to us. We also own run and AVP Media LLC, which is a company that specializes in filming and editing of ballets, dance recitals and corporate web videos.


About Jan

Editor/Camera operator


Jan is our editor as well as a camera operator. He takes on many challenges from making decisions in his editing, sorting out clips, saving and backing up all of the footage and making sure that all of our equipment for our wedding days are packed up and ready to go out for the day. Oh and when he’s not editing or doing any of these other tasks, he is out gigging playing his rock’n roll. You should see him sing and play sometime, he can really rock it!

About Cat

Camera operator/Office Manager


Cathy or should we say Cat, is our main camera person and also runs the many tasks involved with running the business.  Cat is in charge of booking weddings, making appointments with the bride and groom, meetings, bookkeeping, answering emails, doing the blog, working on adding content to the social media sites, making breakfast, lunch and dinner. (FYI, Jan does not cook. ☺ ) Cat pretty much does everything except editing. That is where Jan comes in.

About Ryan

Camera operator/Audio Technician


Ryan Van Berkum hails from Onalaska, WI and is a 2004 graduate of Holmen High School in Holmen, WI. He joined JCat Films in the summer of 2006. Ryan is a camera operator as well as our audio technician for all of our weddings and special events.  Ryan also is our IT life saver who has built all of our editing computers over the years. Ryan started with us as our assistant and has now developed into a full team member. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys tacos, more tacos, hot sauce and more hot sauce. Ole!